EWC does frequent utility rate/tariff evaluations and economic
evaluations of energy efficiency improvements and demand response,
operational changes, renewable generation, energy storage, microgrids,
rate design and evaluation, and intervenes for clients in utility regulatory

EWC uses several proprietary Utility Bill Analysis Models, some of which
are available for subscription.   These tools are intended to allow you to
take any current electricity utility bill and compare what that bill would be
under alternative available utility tariffs and to evaluate electricity

Available Utilities   
California: PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E
Arizona: APS, TEP, UNS

Click here for a review and summary of the WEC Utility Bill Analysis

Example of a Solar Project Analysis

Example of a Simple Utility Tariff Analysis

Settlement with SCE: $6+Million for TOU Change Impacts on Four
Clients Solar Projects